Subjunctive Mood – Υποτακτική Σύνταξη

Η σύνταξη αυτή δείχνει κάτι που είναι επείγονεπιβάλλεται να γίνει κάτι, ή όταν προτείνουμε συμβουλεύουμε.

that + subject + should + bare infinitive   /   should + be + past participle

I suggested that she should contact the police.   (=suggestion)
She demanded that we should be shown the details of the flight paths.   (=order)
They urged that the expansion plans should not be rejected  (=advice)

Χρησιμοποιείται με ρήματα που δείχνουν διαταγή – commanding, παράκληση – requesting, πρόταση – suggesting και παρότρυνση – urging, όπως :

ask – desire – prefer – require – urge – insist – recommend – suggest – propose – demand – advise

και με επίθετα όπως :

important – imperative – necessary – urgent – vital – essential – crucial – best – desirable

Dr Brown recommended (that) John (should) take his medication.
The Ministry of Health demands (that) everyone (should) stay inside during the epidemic.
The supervisor has asked (that) we see him immediately.
I would prefer (that) you not leave your books here.
The government suggests (that) we (should) limit our water consumption.
The law requires (that) you (should) have your ID on you.
We strongly urge (that) he follow our advice.
I desire (that) Martha (should) take piano lessons.

It is necessary (that) he attend all his classes.
He said it was imperative (that) we be on time.
It is vital (that) the student sign the application.
It is important (that) he study every afternoon.
It was urgent (that) he not be absent from the meeting.
It is essential (that) the book not be removed from here.

Όπως βλέπουμε στα παραδείγματα μπορούμε να παραλείπουμε το  that  ή το  should.
Προσοχή!!! Το ρήμα πρέπει να είναι πάντα στο γυμνό απαρέμφατο – bare infinitive.

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